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Monday, March 14, 2016


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We were going to hold our peace; but hell, does anyone do their research? 

 Let's go back 8 years: 

Way too many homeowners began losing their homes in Maple Heights starting somewhere around 2007, and in 2008 The Mortgage Crisis hit (banks were definitely in the mix of perpetrators) and Maple as was reported, was at the epicenter of the mortgage crisis.  (We don't make this stuff up folks) 

"For sale" signs were everywhere, and correct us if we're wrong, at some point city hall made it so those signs could not be posted (bad impression of Maple ... right?).

So here we go ... people losing their homes, the population of Maple dwindling to around 24,000 (down from 26,000 and is currently somewhere around 22,000).  And by the way, Maple Heights website didn't adjust those figures to the 2010 census figures until we started complaining.  We love transparency, and way too many times we've had transparency issues with those folks down at city hall.  

Ok, ... we digress.  So the population is dwindling, but we hear going into the next administration, there was a surplus in the budget (?)  Check this out.  Now again, population dwindling, people losing their homes.  So what does city hall do?  New pool, (and according to the former finance director) new police cars, a push for (20+year) bonds (debt, debt, debt) to build (how many?- yep 5) new schools, and tax levies (that never lets up).  But in 2010, census shows we're down to around 23,000 Maple Hts folks (included in that figure around 3500 school children).  Wonder who got those lucrative contracts? also [Go HERE for Maple Heights School report card]

What's done is done; however, you really need to understand.  Even if the number of homeowners declined significantly, the homeowner would still be on the hook to make those bond interest payments.  Can you lose your home if you don't pay your property taxes?  Absolutely!!

When you have loss of population, loss of homes, high unemployment, money circulating outside the community, you need to address that vigorously.  Was that done? NO! 

Property owners lost value in their homes (that still continues).  

Property owners and other residents didn't want charity. 

 Property owners and other residents needed financial assistance, money, ownership, job training and jobs. 

What they were asked, approve tax levies.   
Specifically, ... over and over again, they asked the already overburdened homeowner for tax levies.  Don't those folks at city hall have any real ideas that don't call for overburdening homeowners? 

Where did Maple Heights taxpayer's money go?  We asked and ran into wall after wall to get answers until we started posting (the emails we sent to various inhabitants of city hall) on this blog. Then we got stone-walled again.  We especially wanted to know how many Black full time public employees there were (particularly police and fire) and how many Black contractors were hired during a certain period of time.   **Result: Stonewalled

Now ...About those speed cameras.  Anyone with any intelligence knew that this was mostly about revenue and not so much safety (city hall gave it away with those revenue comments and failed to involve residents in the decision). To make matters worse, some of those speed cameras were placed near shopping areas and /or predominantly black residents.  As to who got ticketed.  Among those ...well, people who wanted to shop at Giant Eagle, and friends and family of residents, and residents got tickets.  Got so folks didn't want to come into Maple and the folks here ... many of them felt trapped. We all knew it wouldn't stop with just those cameras.  There would be more to come (yep, just like in Cleveland).
That the speed camera amendment passed with overwhelming votes was a smack at city hall.  Folks were so mad, they were coming from Warrensville Hts to vote LOL.

We wanted to know where most of that money was going. 
City Hall will tell you they needed it for city services.  We wanted a breakdown.  Stonewalled 
How many residents have full time jobs at city hall?  Most of the people city hall does business with, and full time public workers in Maple live outside Maple. Most of that money circulates outside Maple. There are no easy answers right now; however, we've said it over and over again (as has research shown and other cities have proven); money needs to largely circulate in the community.   

This problem continues to not be addressed and we're sick of the excuses concerning state cuts (cuts that these politicians knew about in 2011 folks).  You can't keep asking for money from residents (esp. while the population continues to decline) and pumping that money outside the community.  

***Remember that money in a fund for the folks who lived down by the railroad tracks? Well, while all these non residents got paid and spent our money in their own communities, those folks (who were down by those railroad tracks due to the banks and mortgage company's institutional racist policies -Link and (2 (3)) ... well, most of their money got dumped into the general fund that [wait for it] was used to pay folks who spent our money where they lived (outside of the communities in which they served).  Talk about a slap in the face!

Wow ... Straight out of a mayor's playbook.  We know that playbook so well.  [Inside joke]

Look, if you want to elect a black female as mayor simply because it would be historic, go ahead and do so.

To be specific to The Mortgage Crisis and Maple Heights:
We don't like titles being thrown around when we know the huge role banks, mortgage companies, re-insurers, major accounting firms, etc played in one of the greatest financial meltdowns this nation has seen - - The Mortgage Crisis ... that placed Maple Heights at the epicenter.

We could go on and on and on .... but, we're just FED UP with excuses, AND bullshit!!!

Oh.. and for the folks who want to vote for Bill, simply because he's white, ... (by all means) whatever makes you feel comfortable.   

We do recommend you read the Maple Heights News for general information about candidates who are running, and Maple Heights ballot issues

While we have major differences in ideology, Brownlee has done something no other person in Maple (or outside of Maple) has done. He's put what goes on in Maple Heights meetings and council, etc out there for everyone to see.  It's called transparency folks, and ya'll (those who know our writing style and have followed us for years) know we love transparency in government.

Update 10/30/2015

****No matter who becomes mayor of Maple Heights, you can believe the Maple Heights African American Gazette (and we're sure Lynde Brownlee) will not stop telling you what goes on in city hall, and asking for public records.   

Astounding the number of people (esp who don't live here) and outside groups who have made last minute endorsements (especially last minute since this post).  God bless them. To think they never gave a "hill of beans" about Maple Heights before, but have showed up on the scene. 

Let's see how much money they contribute to this community come 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  Let's see what happens with jobs, job training, and creating viable diverse communities.  Let's see their commitment to money circulation within the community and ownership.
 Let's see them put their money where their mouth is.  We will definitely tell you if they don't.******

Update: 11/2/2015
Finally,  If you need to pass a tax levy for a temporary fix, go ahead and pass the damn thing.


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To others who would like to link us as supporters of Mrs. Mitchell, we are admirers.  She helps folks whether you're in her ward or not or it's midnight or 6 am (that's simply what she does).  .... ; however, please understand we would be as critical of her as every other politician should she be facing that position in the General Election.