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Sunday, October 4, 2015


The October issue of The Real Deal Press went to press before the Maple Heights primary election recount. To check on the status of that race, visit here.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


10/2/2015 2pm

Well, if you trust the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (which sorry we don't), after Wednesday's count there will be two candidates with relatively little public service experience vying for mayor of Maple Heights in the November Election.  Bill is a 1 term councilman and Annette was "Mayor appointed" to serve on Charter Review in 2011, but has never held an elected office in Maple Heights city government.  Maple, by the way, is in Fiscal Emergency.  

As we see it, you'll either have another "white male" mayor or one that is "white male" mayor approved.

We know at least one of them has "balls" and wants total transparency in government, the other, "who the hell knows". 

One (as far as we can make out) likes to tax residents, the other doesn't.  

At least one is a loose canon; both can get pretty worked up about things they feel passionate about. 

One will most certainly be replacing the current "issues with transparency" law director, the other we hope will [however, given the fact that she's "white male" mayor approved, we're very skeptical]

No matter which one lands in office, they may or may not have to deal with the wrath of Mrs. Mitchell's very wide powerful network of angry supporters who say they witnessed Mrs. Mitchell's signs being removed, who state certain ballots were not counted and that there was possible voter fraud etc.  So once again, hold onto your seats guys/gals.

As to candidates who are sure to have a seat on council come 2016 .. well, there's Toni Jones who seems to think "a resident speaking up (in 2011) about what she feels is a sitting mayor attacking the character of a Black female candidate without cause" is "playing the race card".   Ron Jackson and Edwina Agee (as did all of the current council members) voted for speed cameras in Maple Heights (without voter consent).  And then there's the wild card, an attorney - Stafford Shenett.

This is what we said in August 2012.  Click the link:MAPLE HEIGHTS LEADERSHIP NEEDS TO GO.   Adams, Cefaratti, Lansky and Albers will soon be gone, though whose to say who may linger in the background. 
Toni Jones and (maybe) Trojanski will remain. 

News just in .... A whole bunch of folks may not be voting for either candidate in the general election.  Some folks just don't trust those ballot counts.  Other folks state they know very little about the candidates.

Side note:  While we appreciate people's passions and comments, we've been dealing with Maple Heights city government for quite some time, and have put in the time and effort to try to understand how to create viable, diverse communities. 

And to those who comment:  Do you  know where your tax dollars go?  Do you attend council meetings?  Do you ask your council representative pertinent questions?  Have you ever asked for public records?  If not, why not?  Do you know how to create viable and diverse communities?  Have you done any research on how to create viable, diverse communities?  Do you understand the principle of money circulation and how to circulate money within a community?  If you're a politician, are you prepared to deal with the constant problems of running a government and criticisms thrown at you, and prepared to get calls late at night (or all through the night)?
As a politician, do you have the balls to criticize the police if necessary and deal with police union demands? 

We're not candidates or politicians and we don't bow down to any politician.  If you want to be in public office, get a thick skin and get used to the criticisms (and deal with them) or pack up and leave.

[Edited 10/04/2015]
"And to the person who left a comment in the comment section stating we promised to work together (??? WTH!!).  Since we did not attend any mayor's forum and we're not candidates or politicians who promised anything, your comment regarding what we said is misdirected.  ****We made no such comments. 

It's also very obvious that we have some commenters who have only been to the Maple Heights African American Gazette once or twice and are supporters of Ms. Blackwell (Which is fine - but that remark "Get Over It" gave you away).  

Each commenter needs to do their own research and ask relevant questions of both candidates and go to council meetings and ask for public records.  Please do read the section "About Us".  Finally, ... Just because you're an African American doesn't mean we trust you or support you.  You have to earn our trust and support.  

We (plural) live here and we watch City Hall, this community and its leadership and community organizers and those who are considered community activists. We also speak out and ask for public records and place ourselves at grave risk for doing so in some instances."  

We are grateful that the Maple Heights News did video tape the mayor's forum and post on YouTube along with their other video tapes of council meetings, etc.  Now that's a fine example of transparency.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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Thursday, September 24, 2015


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