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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stop Maple Heights City Council From Trampling on Your Voting Rights

[If they can do it to us, they can do it to you ... and may already have]

Richard Taylor who ran for councilman in Maple Heights, OH (district 5), passed away before being sworn into office. Members of Maple Heights City council have decided to take away (district 5) registered voter’s right to elect their own council person. City council decided to take (what amounts to) job applications for that (elected) position; and they say they will decide who the next council person will be to represent district 5 for the next 2 years without any special election.

We've heard of appointments being made on a short, temporary basis ... but what Maple Heights City Council and the law director are doing (we feel) is reprehensible and probably unconstitutional.

A very important reason why everyone should care about this:
We believe the civil and political rights of the residents of Maple Heights district 5 are being violated  (meaning we believe that what Maple Heights City council, and the law director are doing is unconstitutional). 

These people have the audacity to say that what they are doing is legal.  Now you've really pissed us off.  Well, we say to them ... Jim Crow laws were legal.

I don't think this bunch really want the world focused on Maple Heights gov't, because if you look at who controls the power and money in Maple Heights, it's not the African American community who make up close to 70% of the population.  Seems like they want to keep it that way.

We don't want a puppet master to choose our representative.

Our final words:
Since the council person would represent the residents of Maple Heights, district 5 for the next 2 years, only the registered voters of that district should be able to choose their own council person (just as the other districts do), and not members of the Maple Heights City Council, the law director, or the Mayor of Maple Heights.
If you agree, sign the petition to stop Maple Heights City Council

Addendum: The use of the 1924 case law by this law director, could be construed by members of council, as an act of intimidation ... that if they do not go along with the leadership and majority rule, they could find their seats declared vacant too.

John Montello, Maple Heights law director,  has stated his legal opinion (bear in mind that it is just an opinion):

Click on the image to enlarge: