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Saturday, August 8, 2015


Maple Heights is coming up on a primary election and general election to pick a mayor to lead its city.

Seriously, come on,  are voters actually considering a bunch of lightweights going up against a heavyweight (Mrs. Neomia Mitchell)?  Far above those lightweights, Mrs. Mitchell (a 27 year Maple Heights resident) has devoted a large majority of her life to public service, which included serving on city council (at least 2 terms).*  City Council creates laws and policy that affect resident’s financial, business, and social lives.  Mrs. Mitchell, a retired Human Resource Officer, Payroll, Benefits Officer and Accounting Specialist; as well as a Financial Planner (27 years) and Tax Consultant (32 years), understands the importance of governance.

A graduate from Philander Smith College (an HBCU in Little Rock, Arkansas), Mrs. Mitchell is strong on education; and she has fought (even her former council colleagues) for a recreation center for Maple Heights youth.  At one time she even formed a youth group.

A great many of her supporters are seniors; and if you remember, those supporters were able to get the required number of signatures to get a charter amendment placed on the ballot that would allow the voter to decide if they wanted those speed cameras in their community.  Those supporters/seniors fought Maple Heights City Hall all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court (and won) to get that charter amendment placed on the ballot.  Had those cameras stayed, we all know where most of that money would have circulated and it wasn’t for community development.** Voters overwhelmingly decided to get rid of those speed cameras. So clearly Mrs. Mitchell has the clout and has demonstrated over and over again that she can get the job done. 

Mrs. Mitchell has a plan (and we’ve seen some of it) that will bring the big T (transparency to Maple Heights government), help circulate money within the community, bring diversity to government, attract grants and small business, help seniors and young people and homeowners; and will have the backing of various influential and “get the job done” members of state and federal government. 

In the past we’ve seen ugly attempts to sully her reputation, but this lady is classy and always tries to run a clean campaign. 

We could go on and on, but while we appreciate the competition, none of those competitors can hold a candle to  Mrs. Neomia Mitchell.

*Note: Bill Brownlee served 1 term on City Council.
Donald Grossmyer - police officer

**Various members of council are gearing up again to cram traffic cams down the throats of Maple Heights residents.