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Monday, March 26, 2012

Breaking News: Early Endorsements for Maple Heights City Council 2013

Breaking News from the Maple Heights African American Gazette:

The next Maple Heights City Council elections will be held November 2013, and the Maple Heights African American Gazette is supporting the following for council seats:

Dee Price, if she decides to run for the district 4 seat

Edwina Agee, unless Mrs. Neomia Mitchell decides to run again for the district 7 seat (if Mrs. Mitchell decides to run again, we will back her 100%)

At present, we will not be supporting Charles Crews Jr. as district 5's council person. Mr. Crews was appointed councilman to fill a vacancy created due to  the passing of an elected, but not sworn in official.  Mr. Crews' appointment should be a temporary appointment. 

Residents in District 5 want a special election to be held this year which will enable them to vote for their own council person (and not one picked by other members of council).  It is their constitutional right to vote for their own council person.

Friday, March 16, 2012

How Do You Feel as An African American Resident in Maple Heights?

Despite the fact that African Americans represent about 70% of approximately 23,100 residents, we are totally under-represented in Maple Heights government leadership positions, high salaried positions, etc.  [See Wikipedia, Demographics - last paragraph - 2010 stats and not 2000 stats]

Open for discussion:
Do you feel that you are respected by your Maple Heights government, and/or do you feel that as an African American resident, your ideas, your right to a job in Maple Heights government, or job training is lacking?

In other words, do you as an African American feel you are taken seriously by this administration?

Do you feel safe in Maple Heights?  We've recently noticed a rise in burglaries in Maple Heights (most of us know of someone in Maple Hts who has been burglarized w/in the past 6 months).

If there is anything that is bothering you about Maple Heights ... jobs, this administration, the local police, your city schools, treatment of African Americans (esp. the young and elderly)  ... please let us know.  You can remain anonymous.

We'll also be doing a poll in the near future, to find out what your concerns and priorities are.

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