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New property appraisals - Preliminary new home property appraisal values that will impact next year's tax bills in Cuyahoga County. Find your home and preliminary home values for other houses in your neighborhood.
Property tax rates - Find property tax rates for area communities and the individual taxes that go into each bill.
Cuyahoga property sales - Search for recent home sales in your neighborhood, or property deals throughout Cuyahoga County.
Cleveland weather history- Find Cleveland weather details for any date since 1900. Search by date, holiday or major weather events.
School report cards - Find school district report cards statewide, and report cards for the individual school buildings.
Census 2010 - U.S. - Find populations and race breakdowns for every metro area and county in the United States.
Census 2010 - Ohio - Find populations and race breakdowns for every city and county in Ohio.
NFL Draft - Search archive of every player ever taken in the NFL draft by round, position, team and college.
Cleveland Browns - Browns score database and links to every game story since the Browns first took the field in 1946.
Community survey - See how people in your community and neighboring towns answered a wide-ranging survey on things such as whether they license their dogs, have been to Disney or exercise on a regular basis.
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Date Central Index - Find other archived data and interactive maps.


Search for unclaimed Cuyahoga County inheritance money (database)

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