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Friday, January 25, 2013


A few months ago, I was honored to meet a Frank R. Ross, who used to reside in Maple Heights.
Mr. Frank Russell Ross, a best selling author, who has lectured at the United States "Library of Congress" and the "Dusable Museum of Chicago", expressed disappointment, and indeed was offended, that the Maple Heights Library had not shown interest in hosting a book signing for Mr. Ross or allowing him to demonstrate African American cultural dances .
Mr.Ross has been honored by the Maple Hts Schools as a Pathfinder, which is a prestigious community award.   The Maple Heights schools also use Mr Ross's book "Soul Dancing! The Essential African American Cultural Dance Book"  as a part of their Physical Education Curriculum.
Mr. Ross is a member of the Cleveland "Detroit Ballroom and Chicago Steppin" dance community; and is the founder of the NAACP sanctioned "National African American Folk Wedding Unity Dance, The Grand March".
Mr.Ross brings expert African American cultural dancers to his presentations to  demonstrate the above dances, and their skill level astonishes audiences.
By the concept of fair play,  does not Mr Ross deserve a respected presentation at the Maple Hts library as he has already made history?
Children and adults need to learn about the new American arts discipline of African American cultural dance from this proud African American man.
Mr Ross is the proud father of three daughters and three grandchildren and a hall of fame athlete in track-field.
Contact Information for Mr. Ross:  216.253.6934, email: jross1201@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Shame on Maple Heights Library

Anonymous said...

You would think with Black History month coming up, the Maple Heights library would be eagerly calling for him to do a special presentation.

Anonymous said...

Time for Maple Heights Library to step up and do the right thing. Ask Mr. Ross to do a presentation for the Maple Heights residents, and other communities.