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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Tomorrow's Leaders: 11 Faces to Watch


All under age 50, these young African American activists are carrying the torch for change

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to watch "Detropia" (see it on Netflix). Maple Heights politicians want to skirt over the fact that high unemployment contributed to Maple Heights decline and loss of homes.
Maple Heights has about 9.1%+ unemployment. If you count the people who are no longer counted in unemployment stats, the unemployment figures are much higher.

This whole "tear down homes" is a joke. Watch Detropia

You have to fix the unemployment problem. Maple Hts is a big proponent of circulating money outside the city ... giving money to people who live outside the city (from contractors to full time public employees - esp. fire and police public employees).

Police and Fire unions went to court so they (basically) didn't have to live around Blacks. Thank God they can't get away with that any more (from what I've heard) in Cleveland. Mayor Jackson was dead set against Cleveland public employees living outside of the city. He was right spot on. If you work in the municipality you should have to live in the municipality. That way, more money stays in the community, circulating in the community. So some of the fault lies with those fire and police unions, and as many of us know, they account for a large part of the city's labor costs (pensions, salary, fringe benefits).

Also, I've heard older people who used to live on the west side of Cleveland remark that when the police lived in their community, they felt safer.

These politicians (including some of the ones in Maple Heights) are full of it. They have no degrees in finance or economics or accounting or urban planning, yet residents keep voting for them.

Too many of these public employees don't want to be accountable. They hide things from the public. You ask for public records and they give you the run-around. They need to be voted out of office (if voted in) and fired (if they were hired).

Just because you're a non profit entity doesn't mean you shouldn't do a lot of the things that private companies do. These public employees would never get away with the crap they get away with in a government job. You must balance a budget. You must be accountable for your decisions, your actions .. and should be fired if you don't.

All Maple Heights residents hear are excuses. They didn't hire you to hear excuses, They hired/voted for you to solve problems and make the community viable.

They are now paying the price because of poor management decisions.
2007 the crisis started and has continued, but these politicians and other public employees kept on giving large sums of money to people who didn't live in Maple Heights and didn't reflect the racial demograhics of the city.

Toni Jones stated that the city was okay in 2008 through 2010. Give me a break. The writing was on the wall and looking you dead in the face. The mortgage crisis was ongoing and you all knew it. Your property tax base was disappearing. Your population was declining. The unemployment numbers were increasing. You must think Maple Heights residents are stupid to believe all the crap you throw out there.

Maple Heights residents, you cannot rely on these people, tell them to get the hell out of Dodge ... collect their pensions and retire in Florida (the way they've always wanted to do anyway).

Next, vote the "old guard" out, and bring in some young, smart, business minded, diplomatic, tech savvy politicians who don't resort to suing folks because they have no viable ideas.

Clue: An industrial complex is going to replace Randall Park Mall (torn down and built up). You public employees in Maple Heights .. put on your thinking caps and come up with new ideas.