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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


From: "Rep. Diane Russell"

Of the 31 states that have recently restricted access to voting, Ohio is the very worst. Ohio Secretary of State Husted just handed down orders to slash early voting on all Sundays (Souls to the Polls), the Monday before Election Day and all evening hours -- a direct attack designed to disenfranchise low-income, African-American, elderly and student voters. I'm partnering with PowerPAC+ to help protect these important voting rights.

Husted's blatant voter suppression actions are not new. The right-wing knows it cannot win the presidency without winning Ohio. Dirty tricks at the polls date back to the 2004 presidential election when the unequal distribution of voting equipment in urban areas led to long waits in heavily African-American districts. In 2012, hoping for a GOP victory as in 2004, Republicans tried to drastically cut early voting. But in 2012 a national outcry forced the GOP-led legislature to reverse their efforts. History is on our side, and together we can stop Husted and protect Ohioans' access to the ballot. 

Right now, the NAACP, The A. Phillip Randolph Institute, and communities across Ohio are gathering signatures to put a state constitutional amendment on the November ballot. It is called the Ohio Voters' Bill of Rights, created to ensure that every voter has equal and uniform access to the polls, regardless of the political party in charge. 

Your support is crucial. In a little over a month, amendment sponsor Ohio State Representative Alicia Reece will present our signed letter of support, along with qualifying signatures to put the measure on the ballot. 
We must win this battle in Ohio. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision that struck down a key provision in the Federal Voting Rights Act, the voting rights fight is now at the state level. 

Today's Tweet
@OhioSOSHusted is stripping important voting rights. Sign the proposed #OHBillofRights for Voting! http://bit.ly/OHBillofRights 
Our victory could inspire similar constitutional amendments to push back against the flurry of laws passed in states such as Texas and North Carolina that disenfranchise voters. 

Join us in the fight. Thanks for all you do! 
~Diane Russell 
State Representative 
Portland, Maine

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