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Thursday, September 10, 2015


No surprises for the small turn-out at the polls.  A big surprise in the picking of what we believe is a tax your way out of a crisis, status quo as she goes, candidate (Annette Blackwell) to run against Mr. Brownlee or Mrs. Mitchell (still to close to call) in November. 

Now we know we're going to hear the words "sour grapes" spew forth out of the top pick; but just as important as the candidate are the appointments. For instance, .. Will we see the same law director or will the second in command move up? Neither one is our choice given the transparency history.  Will anyone be paying attention?

And if things couldn't get any worse, we've got (we believe) at least one rogue in the safety division.  There are forces at play that would scare the hell out of residents if known, but transparency and accountability has not been Maple Heights City Hall's strong suit for quite a while  (Mr. Brownlee's "strongly objected to by many at city hall" cameras excluded) .  

Keep your eyes open and hold on to your seats cause it's going to be a very very rocky ride for residents.

Maple Heights Leadership Needs to Go,   August 14, 2012

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