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Monday, April 1, 2013


Sunday I read an article by Dave Davis and Rich Exner that was most revealing, but didn't really surprise me.

They described Maple Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights and Warrensville Heights as those communities hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis.  These cities (with the exception of maybe Garfield Hts) are also largely populated by African Americans.

While local politicians go about the business of outsourcing everything they can get their hands on (and then some), the cities they represent are dying and nobody wants to talk about it.  Are politicians afraid they won't get re-elected, or you'll cut their salary and benefits,  if the "cat is out of the bag"?

I also said, "If your city (community) leaders are not laser focused on making sure you (and all the residents) personally make money, keep that money, and grow that money, then the leadership needs to go.

If your leaders are not laser focused on making residents owners, and talking ownership constantly, then the leadership needs to go."

"What does ownership mean? It means you own your home. It means you own your own business. It means you’re part owner in a co-op and credit unionIt means you have a significant voice in the decisions that are made about the community (city) you live in, and the policies and legislation that are enacted in the city you live in, which also includes total transparency in public information about your city."

and I said " If your mayor and members of council are not laser focused on making sure you have ownership, that you keep ownership, that they will do everything within their power to help you maintain ownership, and that they will help protect what you own, then they need to go."

I ended by saying:
Any city or community that is deep in debt, and  where the majority of the public employees live outside the city, is devastating to that community. It means that a large chunk of your money is leaving your city when it should be circulating within your city so your community/your city thrives, and you thrive."  and I gave examples of how a city thrives.  [This also holds true when talking about outsourcing contractors.]

And yet, the vast majority of residents in Maple Heights, and a majority in many other cities (esp. cities where African Americans are in the majority), keep silent and watch their city slowly dry up.  Hell, most of the residents black and white need to wake the hell up and take control of your city (and I'm not talking about rioting and breaking the law).  In my opinion, your city is being sucked dry.

And you local politicians (and all politicians), you are not helping the people you are supposed to represent (the people who pay your salary and benefits), when you won't let them know what's really going on.







Anonymous said...

You wonder why these politicians just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

The administration and department heads are laughing all the way to their bank accounts.