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Wednesday, April 17, 2013




We’d like to invite you to two exciting open government events in your area. The first is TransparencyCamp, our yearly gathering of open government advocates taking place in Washington DC on May 4th and 5th. The second is the Sunlight Network’s Citizen Advocacy Day on May 6th, a great opportunity to advocate on greater transparency in Congress.

Please consider joining us for one or both events
and work towards greater transparency in government!

TransparencyCamp is a unique gathering,
bringing together journalists, policy creators, technologists, concerned
citizens, academics, watchdogs, students and others gather to build community,
share best practices and problem-solve challenges to work in the transparency
arena. We’re expecting around 500 folks this year and hope you’ll be one of
For more information,
Citizen Advocacy Day is a unique
opportunity to to tell your senators’ and representatives’ offices to support
greater government transparency.
Members of Congress listen to their constituents and participating in Advocacy Day is a great opportunity to connect with your representatives on transparency issues like better lobbying disclosure, smarter open data through the DATA Act and making sure the Senate keeps up the with the times (and the House) by mandating electronic filing of campaign finance reports. If you participate, we will take care of all the details, from setting up the meetings to giving you the information you need (plus a free breakfast) so that you can make a difference. To join us, sign-up here!



Lisa and Lindsay

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Anonymous said...

OPEN GOVERNMENT applies at all levels of government ... local, state and federal. It's your tax dollars that pay these people to represent you.