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Monday, August 5, 2013



Let's get this straight.

Channel 3 does a news report about a former Maple Heights police officer being accused of excessive force [who, by the way, was allowed to remain on the force until this year, and then allowed to resign (?)]; and then Channel 3 turns around and allows a sitting mayor to counter the bad press by doing a news clip about what a great job Maple Heights is doing hiring (what?) 7 Maple Heights landscapers (during the summer) to mow the grass on the hundreds of vacant properties in Maple Heights (where people have either walked away from or lost their homes)

What the hell!!

What a fickle press and what a great slick public relations job.

Black people in Maple Heights are complaining that there are more cases of excessive force and acts of police intimidation, and that gets brushed aside by what looks like, a predominately white government (in a predominately African American city) that appears more concerned with shutting people up and whitewashing and hijacking the news.  PRICELESS!!



Anonymous said...

The police chief, I hear ... did not respond to channel 3 regarding said police officer.

Anonymous said...

If you're a victim of police excessive force, call the NAACP @ 216.231.6260

Anonymous said...

My questions:

What did the city of Maple Heights do to help good folks keep their homes and stop foreclosures so there would be far less vacant homes?

What are they doing now to help folks hold on to their homes?

What is the city doing to help seniors and the disabled to cut their grass at little to no cost to them?

What is the city doing to help folks who are out of work and having a hard time paying property taxes, and barely enough to eat and pay a mortgage?

Both the residents and their local government should be accountable. The local government definitely held accountable for all their actions.

Stick it to the banks and landlords by all means, but you better damn sure help those who are left holding the bag paying millions of dollars towards government salaries and benefits to people who don't live in Maple Heights who don't reflect the racial demographics in Maple Heights.

Let's see ... 2 inspectors and 7 landscapers who get a few hundred thousand dollars vs millions and millions of dollars to folks who don't live in Maple Heights. Sounds like chump change to me ... but the mayor will get a few votes with that chump change.

Anonymous said...

Someone in Maple Heights had to have called Channel 3 to do damage control about the excessive force stuff.

No other community in the Cleveland area is tackling neighborhood blight? Just Maple Heights uh.

This is definitely PR.

Someone also probably said that some old woman in Maple Heights is just trying to stir up trouble. Never mind that what she points out has merit and bears investigating.

But what the hell ... people in power always seem to get what they want.

Anonymous said...

It's called "throwing one off the scent of" or "diverting attention from" what's really going on in the city of Maple Heights.

To do that you have to have friends in high places, and promises of bigger things to deliver.

In all truth ... it's called corruption ... and truth be damned

Anonymous said...

Aug 8 2013

"(The Root) -- On the heels of yesterday's ruling that charges will not be brought against a New York police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black teen, actor Samuel L. Jackson took to Twitter to voice his opinion.

"Young brothers Beware!!" he tweeted. "It's Open Season!"

Anonymous said...

There are 9 departments. We should have a picture of all department heads so we could see that a. the outsourced building dept is headed by a white male b. the economic development department is headed by a white female c. the finance department is headed by a white male d. the fire department is headed by a white male e. the human resources department is headed by a black female f. the law department is headed by a white male g. parks and recreation department is headed by a white h. services department is headed by a white i. police department is headed by a white male