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Friday, December 13, 2013


A friend of mine asked me to tell this story because for some reason, certain people don't  fully understand what's happening to African Americans  in their own community and all across the United States.

The story is about people of European ancestry who were taken from their land by Blacks, sold into slavery, brought to America, stripped of their religion, identity, history and culture, brutalized, treated as chattel, tortured, murdered, their families torn apart,  made to toil in horrible conditions without pay, their women raped and forced to care for Black children and their Black captors.  These people of European ancestry helped build a nation where Blacks (their captors) thrived. 

Upon their so-called freedom, these Europeans were not allowed to live around Blacks (who had all the money and power).  Some Europeans and some European  communities thrived, but most were poor and the residents uneducated.  What is indisputable, no matter what  Europeans tried to do, the Blacks made it their mission to keep the Europeans poor, ignorant, living in fear of their life, and with no real political or economic power.

In order to insure that they (Blacks) remained in power, they created laws and designed systems that insured people of European ancestry stayed poor,  held menial jobs, were denied  business loans,  were denied the right to vote (or made it difficult to vote), and had no real voice in their government [even though they paid taxes].  Their tax dollars were used for the benefit of everyone except them.

To maintain the status quo, a large police state was created and Europeans were incarcerated (for profit)  and murdered  in  alarming numbers.

Blacks designed a system of institutional racism so that only their group (and not the group with European ancestry) flourished in every positive way imaginable.

Those of European ancestry were largely taught Black/African culture and history, and were brainwashed with stories about Black supremacy.  A few stories of what little was known of European history was relegated to one month out of the year. 

There was no place  a European  could go without being hassled/harassed by Black police, patted down and hunted like rabid dogs.  They had very little legal rights, and could be murdered with impunity.   

The media was owned by Blacks who portrayed people of European ancestry as lazy, shiftless, violent,  dishonest and immoral.  No one wanted to be around them and Europeans didn't even want to be around other Europeans because their identity, history and culture was negatively shaped by Blacks which caused the Europeans to have low self esteem.  The majority of Europeans believed what Blacks said about them so deeply, that they couldn't get along with each other, drank, abused drugs, and played into the negative stereotypes Blacks had created for them.

The Europeans who were able to obtain a good education and earn a good living never looked back either because of the negative images Blacks had created about them, or they felt if they were to reach back and help their own people gain economic and political power, Blacks would murder or incarcerate them.

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Anonymous said...

Because of 137 bullets fired on 2 Blacks (1 male, 1 female) by white officers, (and countless other stories of Black brutality and murder at the hands of police) there needs to be an entire dismantling of police departments in Black communities, reform of law enforcement across this country, focus on neighborhood/community policing, and privatization of the police department.

Some time in the near future I'll tell my story (or others will tell it for me) of how I nearly died at the hands of law enforcement w/in minutes of putting out my trash. I believe this member of law enforcement was deliberately on my property to silence me because I wanted to examine the police department and the Maple Heights administration.