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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Cities have turned to outsourcing  and mergers as a  panacea  to financial budget constraints  [a result of,  to some degree, poor  government policies and a lack of intelligent, creative urban planning].   Unfortunately, this has led to other problems; specifically, higher unemployment rates among the poor and "people of color". 

It's   bad enough (even insulting at times)  that predominantly African American communities are under-represented in the workforce (public and private), but increasingly devastating are the ongoing threats ... "outsourcing" and "public mergers".

Aside from the issue of a lack of minority contractors, does outsourcing release a city from regulations and laws designed to protect certain groups from being discriminated against in hiring? 

Are these private companies [that we've outsourced to] scrutinized for their hiring practices?  It shouldn't matter if you are public or private, if you are receiving tax payer dollars, public monies, you should be bound by the same state affirmative action programs, anti-discrimination laws, EEOC regulations, etc. [A word to the wise ... those cities who band together to use the same private company,  ... you better make damn sure those regulations and laws are being complied with.]  

African Americans need to take a look at  the companies their city contracts with. 

African Americans (esp. in  predominantly Black neighborhoods) also need to take a close look at:  who is delivering their mail and packages;  who is reading their gas and electric meters; who the cable guy is; who represents them; who teaches their children; ... Where I live, I see a lot of white males in these roles (with the exception of teachers who are mostly white females).

What is most alarming is that more and more Blacks (esp. Black males) are disappearing from the [full-time] workforce.  While this is alarming, it is not surprising.  The "system" has created problems (social, financial, political, legal, structural) that is unique, offensive, and devastating  to African Americans and other "people of color".  In the mix  [laws that give certain groups (dominated by whites)  an advantage,  our unjust legal/justice system, overcriminalization,  the for-profit prison system, and law enforcement (which is predominantly white and designed to act in one's own best  interests)  which has the power to completely destroy an individuals life], and you  get some understanding why Blacks and other "people of color"  have higher unemployment rates than other racial/ethnic groups.

It's high time we  address these issues, and also come up with intelligent and creative ways to insure that "people of color" are properly represented in every industry in the workforce.


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Anonymous said...

Police departments in predominantly Black communities need to be completely dismantled and privatized. In order to do it, it requires an entire change in leadership.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... because of 137 bullets fired on 2 Blacks (1 male, 1 female) by white officers, (and countless other stories of Black brutality and murder at the hands of police) there needs to be an entire dismantling of police departments in Black communities, reform of law enforcement across this country, focus on neighborhood/community policing, and privatization of the police department.

Some time in the near future I'll tell my story (or others will tell it for me) of how I nearly died at the hands of law enforcement w/in minutes of putting out my trash. I believe this member of law enforcement was deliberately on my property to silence me because I wanted to examine the police department and the Maple Heights administration.

Anonymous said...

In addition, ... a coalition of African American and Hispanic organizations in the United States to revamp police departments and law enforcement, etc .. especially in communities of color.

These departments are a threat to the well being of communities of "people of color" and individuals of "people of color".