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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I'm not really into reality (uh?) shows; however, I do watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" from time to time.  Hey, ... Black folks need money so I'm going to support those ladies. Actually these exceptional ladies do extremely well, my support or not.

Anyway, last night on Bravo, I watched the segment where NeNe decided to treat the ladies to a trip to Savannah, Georgia. [Now actually this was the second time I watched that particular episode.]  The trip started off kind of rocky because some of the ladies were fashionably late (CP time).  Late or not, I thought it was real cute that Nene's Greg gave flowers to the ladies when they arrived at the "kick off" site.

The bus trip to Savannah was indeed memorable because Kandi got into it with "work your nerves, is she stealing your man" Kenya. Honestly Kandi, ... but okay, I totally got the fact you were stressed about the Mama Joyce (what's up with her?)/Carmen/Todd drama and you were on edge.

The creme de la creme of that particular episode goes to "the coackroach attack".  Honey, ... too funny for words.

And thank you NeNe, because before that episode, I was unaware of Savannah's black history, and now that I know something about it, I'm doing my research.

And yes, it was most embarrassing, to say the least, when (God bless her innocence) Porsha had to be schooled on "The Underground Railroad".   Nope it wasn't a real train girlfriend.

"Kandi, ... Phaedra ... I love those weird facial expressions you make when you're ticked off, perplexed, or whatever."

These "Housewives of Atlanta" are a real hoot.  Love to all.


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