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Friday, January 3, 2014


Last night was the swearing-in of Maple Heights city council members. 

The balance of power (the privileged, who makes the decisions, and controls who has and makes the most money) pretty much  remained the same in Maple Heights government(largely due to Black apathy and ignorance); and we will see if Mr. Ron Jackson will be a “House Negro” (an African American who embraces the status quo) or a proud African American male who recognizes that Blacks are at the “bottom of the rung” in Maple Heights and will try to change that dynamic.   Most educated Blacks understand that what's going on in Maple Heights has to do with "power, money, and privilege", (who has it and who doesn't - and it isn't the majority population of Black folk).

As an elected member of council, you have the choice of who swears you in.  Two of those choices (last night) pretty much told us where that council member’s allegiance was, and that allegiance was not a surprise.

Will this council change the financial downward spiral in Maple Heights?  Will this council recognize the cultural significance of its predominantly African American population and embrace it? And will this council address the racial inequities and stop (what we see as) the venomous nature which manifests itself in Maple Heights government?  TIME WILL TELL and we will keep you apprised.


Anonymous said...

Politics is something else.

Was a recent hire done to curry favor of Black voters?

Here's what we read about the mayor's new Maple Heights hire (Irene Crowell) as finance director (past history):

"Jordan rips East Cleveland mayor, finance director for ignoring meeting to discuss payroll crisis"


Maple Heights gov't has been accused of not giving information, public records, etc to residents.

So, if what Ms. Jordan states is true, we don’t want to hire this Black finance director just because she's Black and may curry favor of Black voters.

Anonymous said...

Maple Heights lays off four firefighters in attempt to close estimated $2.5 million budget shortfall


Everyone made money off the taxpayer ... and who loses, .. the taxpayer.

Keep on hiring outside your community (thanks to the unions) and this is some of what you get.

The blame goes to those who hold the purse strings in local and state government. And the taxpayer always loses.

Kick these guys/gals out of office ...
and tell those public unions that help discriminate against minorities to stop thinking of themselves only.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm pretty tired of remarks like: "Why does this blog focus on African Americans?, ... Can't we all just get along and share?"

Well, you can't share what you don't have and have never had.

Blacks don't have and have never had (a lot of) "money";
They've never had (as a group) any power; and they certainly don't enjoy "privilege" (look it up) in Maple Heights.

It's time to rectify that.

Anonymous said...

For those who are having difficulty in grasping the concepts of "power and privilege" relative to race, read:

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Institutional Racism and White Privilege Dossier

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George Zimmerman and the Benefits of White Privilege

Wealth Gaps Rise to Record Highs Between Whites, Blacks, Hispanics
and on and on and on ......

Anonymous said...

Just watched the February 19, 2014 council meeting.

Looks like that venomous nature that manifests itself is still there and I'm not talking about members of council.