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Monday, October 27, 2014


More glossy postcards and what appears to be early (2015 election) campaign literature.  Aren't you sick of it?

If you want things to change in your city, one of the things you have to change is City Hall because those elected and appointed have enormous power.  Local laws, policies, procedures, leadership which impacts almost every area of your normal day to day life often originates in City Hall.  

The recent literature we saw from City Hall was what looked like a smear campaign against Mrs. Mitchell and Bill Brownlee.

Fact:  Mrs Neomia Mitchell has not been a Maple Heights voter elected city official since 2011, yet that has not stopped City Hall officials from making Mrs. Mitchell a political punching bag.

Fact:  Mrs. Neomia Mitchell has been active in trying to integrate the fire department with minority fire fighters (there has never been a Black fire fighter in Maple Hts) while City Hall appears to have done nothing of real import to integrate the fire department with minority firefighters.  

Fact:  Mrs. Neomia Mitchell has been active in trying to get more minority police officers in the police department, yet City Hall has no forward looking written plan to do it.  

Fact:  Mrs. Neomia Mitchell wants an Independent Citizen's Review Board  with subpoena power. City Hall officials have not even opened it up for public discourse.


Fact: Mrs. Neomia Mitchell has fought along side of the seniors who fought all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court (an won) to let the voters decide if they wanted speed cameras or not.  City hall officials did not want the voters to decide.

Fact:  Whatever you think of Bill Brownlee, he is the one who has made it a point to bring desperately needed  transparency to Maple Height's government by videotaping council meetings and other meetings and putting them on Youtube so you could see what goes on in these meetings.  The law director was caught taking down Mr. Brownlee's camera after Mr. Brownlee was removed from a council meeting.  Mr. Brownlee was the person responsible for the first question and answer public panel meeting to discuss the speed cameras after Mrs. Mitchell and her group took up the fight to let the voter decide about the speed cameras.  

Fact:  Mr. Brownlee and Neomia Mitchell are not responsible for Maple Heights being in fiscal watch.  Read the auditor's report.

Fact: Maple Heights government's full-time work force is full of way too many non residents.

Where does the buck stop?   Say it with us ... CITY HALL!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's call it like it is.
There are no African American firefighters, and 2 (?) Black full time full fledged police officers.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand politicians who keep blaming other people when things go wrong. Hell, they're in charge.

These are the politicians you tend not to trust.

Anonymous said...

Who would stoop so low as to sue a man who has 5 kids and is trying to better himself?

Anonymous said...

When you go to the official Maple Heights government website, observe the 2 African American token cops in a photo op.

You need to know who has the power and controls the money in Maple Heights. Don't be easily swayed or fooled.

Institutional racism is the design and the powers that be wish for that system to stay in place.

The few run Maple Heights government and reap the monetary benefits, while the majority of residents get scraps off the table.

It's up to the majority to see thru the sham and correct that imbalance thru legal redress, the ballot box, and smart policy.

Anonymous said...

Word is last month 2 white firefighters were hired; one of whom became the fire chief.

This month a white (?) police cadet was hired.

It's going to take a lawsuit to stop this very blatant institutional racism.