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Monday, November 24, 2014



Anonymous said...

Every brown and black skin person knows what this is about while whites feign ignorance. It's open season on blacks. Whites neither want nor have any culpability.

If you don't know why black and brown skin people do not trust cops, maybe it's because of blacks being killed by white cops going all the way back to slavery. A white cop was not seen as a friend. He was seen as the enemy and that fact is in black and brown folks DNA. White cops were members of the KKK and other white supremacist groups. There still are white cops who are members of white supremacists groups.

Whites never want to acknowledge these facts because killing and imprisoning black and brown people is big money/business and a wonderful way to keep power within one racial group.

The killing and imprisoning of black and brown people is money in the pocket for cops, the judicial system, lawyers, and corporations who manufacture guns, build prisons, manufacture bullet proof vests, armored tanks (remember Ferguson), etc.

How do you stop the massacre of black and brown people? Make police wear body cams. Hire more black cops (cause they are less likely to kill anyone). Make cops with excessive force complaints have to use their own money to defend themselves. Create Independent Citizens Advisory/Review boards with subpoena power. Change the laws at local and state levels. Because Ohio is an "Open Carry" state, make anyone (that includes police) be held criminally accountable if they shoot someone who is unarmed or legally carrying a gun (and it can be proven they were not a "serious deadly threat" (reason for the body cameras on police). The John Crawford incident is a prime example where the cop who killed him should have been indicted, prosecuted, and convicted. We saw the Walmart video. Hell, read "The Root" article about it and watch the video.

Anonymous said...

and why don't cops use rubber bullets esp with children they see as possible threats to human life.

Note the words "possible threats".