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Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Arizona, Ohio, Missouri Jurisdictions Also Reject Photo Enforcement


Anonymous said...

Huge loss for Lansky and Jackson; however, Lansky's administration got a gigantic huge smack-down with tax levy and speed camera losses.

Maple Heights will now go from fiscal watch to fiscal emergency.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Maple Hts petitioners and the Ohio Supreme Court

"Maple Heights' amendment, which also passed with 76 percent of the vote, goes further, prohibiting the city from entering into a contract with a traffic camera vendor if payment is contingent upon the number of tickets issued. The amendment also mandates that violations be tried before a municipal or common pleas judge and that defendants be afforded the same rights they would receive if facing criminal charges."

Anonymous said...

Lack of voter confidence in both administrations

Anonymous said...

The speed with which the cameras went up, the lack of public discourse in the decision to put the cameras up, the failure to list the camera locations on Maple's website in the beginning, the improper placement of signs on Warrensville Center Rd in July, where the cameras were placed, big money interests during the campaign, etc ... told the voter this camera scheme was more about money than safety.

Anonymous said...

People keep a watchful eye for the safety of the petitioners. One petitioner had her car keyed yesterday.

Maple Heights government workers (esp. the police) and their friends will probably be out for blood.

Anonymous said...

Activists in nearby Maple Heights also spent their time and effort with street-corner protests to bring awareness to the ballot initiative, not having the funding for a slick advertising campaign like the camera industry does.

"City hall has violated our right to make our opinions heard," the "Maple Heights initiative sponsors wrote. "They refused to listen to input from the public about these cameras. They then cost the city thousands of dollars fighting to stop residents from introducing a ballot initiative to ban the cameras."

By a vote of 76.6 percent, the public approved the ban on cameras."


"To date, photo enforcement has been defeated in 31 of 34 election contests (view complete list)."

Anonymous said...


Cleveland, Maple Heights traffic camera laws now look a lot like Akron; State senate could follow



Were Cleveland's red-light cameras tools to enhance safety or make money?


EDITORIAL: Bypassing tax-and-spend politicians by referendum


Vote shutters traffic cameras in Cleveland


Voters shutter red-light cameras: Editorial cartoon


Anonymous said...

"Voters are smarter than the politicians sometimes figure. Tuesday wasn’t a good day only for the men and women running for office under the Republican banner; it was a smashing day for lower taxes, responsible spending and government transparency as well. Ballot measures everywhere put economic policy to the ultimate test."