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Thursday, December 25, 2014



On Monday, Dec.29th. Mr. Frank R.Ross will lecture and lead the great national traditional African American Unity (Folk) Dance, The Grandmarch at Antioch Baptist Church's (Cleveland) Kwanzaa celebration.

The proud and sophisticated Grandmarch captures the marching spirit of African Americans as we marched from Garvey, Malcolm and Dr.King  via marches to Selma,  Memphis, Washington, and our million man-woman marches.

Our first national African American Unity (Folk) Dance, The Grandmarch, is showcased in two best selling books - The Grandmarch, Spirit of African Americans 2004-Pub.America; and Soul Dancing, The Essential African American Cultural Dance Book-2011, Nat. Dance Association, author Frank R. Ross)

Our first national black unity dance should be performed at all black weddings,       Kwanzaa's, family reunions, social cultural events and taught in the schools.

Our Grandmarch has recently been adopted by the African Canadian Heritage Association and they have made it their official dance.

Mr. Ross, a native Clevelander, is the concept founder of the first National African American Unity Dance, the Grandmarch.

"Facing the rising sun, of our new day begun, let us march on till victory is won".

Frank R.Ross 
Tel: 216.253.6934

Website: www.africanamericanculturaldance.com

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