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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We're going to be reaching out to other African American organizations as well as Hispanic organizations in order to form coalitions for economic and political empowerment.
If you are a legitimate African American or Hispanic organization that is interested in forming a broad coalition for the above purposes, please contact the Maple Heights African American Gazette (see "Welcome" on right side of the page for contact information.)

If you feel threatened or coerced or intimidated, or harassed by any Maple Heights public employee (includes politicians, legal department), please call the Cleveland Call and Post or email mhaagazette@gmail.com or Cleveland NAACP  216 231 6260.

Update 2/18/2013:
Not sure how it was done, however, a note showed up today on the Maple Heights African American Gazette calendar that was inserted in the January 26, 2013 slot.  The note (which appeared bogus) said they were somewhere near or in Libya and needed help.  Again, not sure how the calendar was hacked, but we won't tolerate this.  The note has been removed.

We feel there have been attempts to discredit this blog and people who post on this blog, or are associated with people who post on this blog.  This also will not be tolerated.

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