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Monday, February 18, 2013


President Obama proclaimed that February is National African American History Month; yet there's not a significant amount of  in-depth discussions about the history behind the proclamation and African history in mainstream media.  


President Obama proclaimed February as National African American History month starting back in 2009, the year he was first inaugurated, yet we found for the most part, rather superficial discussions on the history of the proclamation.  [Please, if you see it referenced with a real in-depth discussion on websites, please leave the reference in the comment area.]

We wonder if our schools are discussing (in great depth) and recognizing the President's Proclamation, along with the other related Presidential Proclamations. 


There are those of us who know that a great deal of history and the origins of humanity have been sanitized and whitewashed through time.

It is for this reason, and the fact that Black History is marginalized in mainstream media and the schools our children attend, that we feel there should be schools (in addition to our mainstream schools) where children (esp. Black children) in grades 4 through 12 be taught African & Negro/African American history (perhaps the courses could be called African & Negro/or African American studies for grades 4 thru 12).  Feel free to discuss in the comment section.

Mr. Frank Russell Ross told us about Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop who was an exceptional historian, anthropologist, and politician who studied the human race's origins. We wanted to post one extraordinary video of an interview with Dr. Diop, however, we decided to  link to the interview instead.  Everyone should watch this video.


His biography

Kingdoms of Africa.- Ethiopia.

FROM SEGREGATION TO SPACE NPR  (Former astronaut and current NASA administrator, Charles F. Bolden, shares awesome stories of his remarkable journey from segregated South Carolina, to the U.S. Naval Academy, to space.)

'Klansville, U.S.A.' Chronicles The Rise And Fall Of The KKK



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Wake up Black people.