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Sunday, April 13, 2014


A few days ago I watched, in utter disbelief, a councilman being (in my opinion)  viciously verbally attacked.  I don’t know what prompted (though I have my suspicions) the venomous verbal public attack.

One of the persons doing  the verbal attacking (I've been told, so research for yourself) was the same person who verbally attacked the mayor’s opponent in the 2011 Maple Heights mayoral race [HINT].


While some may have a problem with Councilman Brownlee’s style and his interpretation of “Robert’s Rules of Order” with regards to Maple Height’s council rules, I personally welcome his youthful enthusiasm, and I thank him and his wife Lynde for bringing more transparency and more “open government” to Maple Heights with the exceptionally well written, informational and organized “Maple Heights News(2) and the videotaping of public council meetings.  I’m sure the homebound and others welcome being able to see council meetings available on the Maple Heights News website and on YouTube.  The nonpartisan, nonprofit “SunlightFoundation” and organizations such as the nonpartisan, nonprofit “CommonCause I’m certain will welcome the Brownlee’s efforts in bringing more transparency to (esp. Maple Heights) government.


Hopefully very soon most Maple Heights public records will be online and available for inspection.  If you’ve been reading the Maple Heights AfricanAmerican Gazette (which is an online free speech journal), you know how difficult it has been for us to obtain public records and other information that is germane to creating a viable thriving community.


MapleHeights City Council, department heads, and the executive branch have a fiduciary duty (among other duties) to the residents in Maple Heights.  They are responsible for the viability of the community and not just  paying bills and safety issues.


While various members of council tout Maple Heights city government as being a non-profit entity, they actually create laws, policy, pass budgets (and ask you to pass levies) that greatly impact areas like  home ownership, jobs, business, whether you live paycheck to paycheck, and population (Maple Hts has declined to in 2012, less than 23,000 residents).



Anonymous said...

Isn't Maple Heights a predominantly African American city?

Why aren't there more African Americans on the city council?

And why are most of the 10department heads white? There are only 2 African American department heads.

Anonymous said...

I think both speakers supported the mayor in 2011 and not the African American female candidate who was the endorsed Democratic candidate.

I think this attack has more to do with politics and the mayor getting his way.

Mr. Brownlee is to be applauded for standing up for what he believes, unlike so many of those other "kiss the mayor's ring" politicians. I'm told that Councilman Brownlee actually researches and asks for pertinent information before deciding on issues.

If information is withheld from him and his constituents, he should vote no until the information he asks for is provided and he is able to form an informed, rational decision.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Aren't most of these resolutions non-binding?

And with all this appreciation (resolutions) for the police, etc. ... did the city of Maple Heights acknowledge (pass a resolution dealing with) Black History Month? Hope the answer is yes, since they pass resolutions for all this other stuff.

Most of this city council carries on a facade of governance passing empty resolutions that they can and do reverse whenever they feel like it.

Councilman Brownlee gets it, the rest I guess don't.

Anonymous said...

Watch the latest council meeting (April 16, 2014) @: