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Sunday, April 20, 2014


On April 16th (and other occasions)  Councilman Brownlee voted "no" on several resolutions (most if not all non-binding).   Some or most of Maple Heights city council and perhaps the Maple Heights public really don't understand why he voted "no" even though he explained his reasons. 

For those who don't know what a non-binding resolution is, the wisegeek has provided.

"A non-binding resolution is a statement passed by a governing body that cannot be converted into legislation. It stands as a confirmation of the current position of the branch of government on a particular issue. Non-binding resolutions are often a source of serious controversy, particularly in upper levels of government; while some see them as important statements of support or a touch point for judging the officials positions on important issues, others find them an enormous waste of time that should be spent passing laws rather than debating legally useless statements."

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Oh, .. and Happy Easter!



Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the mayor who championed opening of the swimming pools?

Anonymous said...

They probably do it so they look like they've done something, when actually they've done nothing (especially financially) significant at all.

Some of it is "fondling up to" a group of people or a person, or trying to look politically correct.

For those who don't know what fondle means in this context:

"to show fondness, as by manner, words, or caresses"

Anonymous said...

Where can I go to find out about that jobs event?

Anonymous said...

That public "blame" thing that the mayor and some members of council did last month could probably be
called "posturing".

"b. An attitude; a pose: assumed a posture of angry defiance."

But it seems like your still trying to "cover your ass".