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Friday, April 25, 2014


Today I received a large postcard that said Mayor Lansky supports Issue 15, and  urging people to support Issue 15 (a tax hike).  This is the same mayor who blamed a lot of political figures for a lot of Maple Heights financial woes.  Some members of council ( at a recent public forum) pretty much did the same and added various groups of residents.  These people mind you, are they themselves [say it with me] politicians.
Over a month ago, to help me decide if I was going to support a tax hike, I asked for various Maple Heights public records.  I needed those records to assess whether I trusted the leadership to set Maple Heights on steady financial ground.   Well, I'm still waiting for those records; but this is not new.  I've almost always had problems obtaining public records from these folks [Hint], and on one occasion I even had to call the NAACP for assistance in obtaining public records.
So I will not support the tax hike, because all they've really said is to trust them.  Trust must be earned and for me personally, they have not earned that trust.  Maple Heights population has declined, unemployment is around 10% (as of 2012).  According to Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost, we've had deficits for a number of years and I don't see things getting any better with the present leadership (which, except for 3 newly elected and one jr, have been Maple Heights politicians for at least (what?) 6+ years).  The mayor himself is a career politician.
In some circles they say past performance is not indicative of future performance; however, where's the expertise, the financial education, the urban planners, the creativity?  Did these politicians visit other communities or call other leaders whose cities are doing well, and ask them how they turned things around without asking for a tax hike?  Call the mayor and members of council and ask them.  I'm told a tax hike will not solve Maple Heights financial problems.  You ask them.  Hopefully, you get a real comprehensive, well thought out, well researched, and  well written viable and financially sound  plan  that is provided to you and not just talk.


Public Meetings (Feb 2014 to April 23, 2014)

Ohio puts Maple Heights on fiscal watch, mayor blames state and county, April 10, 2014

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Anonymous said...

Watch woman blaming council for their problems (about 20 minutes into the council meeting).


Yeah, the swimming pool which the mayor was all in favor of.