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Tuesday, August 19, 2014




Anonymous said...

From: http://sandrarose.com/2014/08/fanmail-black-out-monday/

Loyal reader MoNique writes:


I am sending you this information because of the impact you have and how passionate you and your rose garden normally are about issues like this. I received this and I thought this would be a great place to share this information, I haven’t seen any other sites address this yet so I thought you could be the first. Here is the email I received below:

On September 8th 2014 many men and women of all races of the United States of America will boycott any establishment not ran by black entrepreneurs. On the 8th take a picture of an establishment you would normally frequent; fast food, gas station, supermarket and tag #BoycottForFerguson.

The Ferguson shooting of a young unarmed black man one week away from college who was immediately vilified has affirmed that now is the time to take a more drastic stand. Let’s begin by tapping the pockets of corporate America and creating a louder voice.

This is just the beginning of our necessary change. Celebrities and politicians have taken an ice bath for awareness; why not address racial injustice through the same outlet. We will continue to march peacefully and protest without rioting and show our support through social media to address issues.

It’s time to realize we all bleed red and the senseless racism, prejudice, ignorance and violence must stop; so let’s all come together and do what our nation was meant to do. One Love, One Fight

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome. I can't tell you how nice it would be to go shopping without a bunch of Gorillas and Pavement Apes screaming, jumping, robbing, and acting like Idiots while I shop. I will spend a TON of money and hopefully the shopkeepers will want everyday to be black free!

Anonymous said...

So...my downstairs "neighbors" will be free to do noting but panhandle us humans for food all day long? Geez, that sounds like every other day around here!

Anonymous said...

September 8th 2014 nationwide protest blackout Monday