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Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Anonymous said...

The will of the people mean nothing to these politicians and political appointees.

Democracy is a sham in Maple Hts.

Anonymous said...

City officials don't care how many signatures were collected. They are going to make sure the measure doesn't get to voters and looks like whether they do (or don't) get it on the ballot, they better brace themselves for Finney.

They probably are also going to be sued about the camera on Warrensville Center Rd.

Hold on Maple Heights officials; Finney is coming for your ass.

Anonymous said...

Have they violated Ohio Revised Code 731.29?


Anonymous said...

According to BOE there was at least 722 valid signatures on the petitions. All that was needed was 694.

We also heard that those petitions were ready to be picked up by Maple Heights city officials on the 18th and as of 4 pm today (Wed 8/20/2014) they were not.

So it looks like what was reported on thenewspaper.com was true. "city officials have taken steps to keep the measure from reaching voters."

If Maple Heights refuses to move forward to get the photo ban charter amendment on the ballot, guess Mr. Finney is ready to do battle and from what we hear, he doesn't lose.

Anonymous said...

Totally disgraceful

Anonymous said...

"Christopher Finney, attorney for the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST), says he will sue the city if it tries to block the people from having a voice on the traffic camera issue. Finney's group promises to go "city by city" to take down the cameras if it has to. This is no idle threat, considering voters in Ashtabula, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, Heath, Garfield Heights, South Euclid and Steubenville have banned speed cameras and red light cameras."


Anonymous said...

Cefaratti's constituents probably shop at Marcs, Kmart, Sav a lot, Daves .. East siders (in Maple Hts) shop at Walmart and Giant Eagle. Yep ... near those problem prone speed cameras. Warrensville Hts residents who shop at Giant Eagle and come over Warrensville Center Rd are really fucked. They get hit coming and going.

So Cefaratti, please shut the hell up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And was it the mayor who said he paid taxes too? He should shut the hell up too!!

That little piece of change in taxes is nothing compared to his salary and benefits, and he probably has (or should have) a great tax acct to minimize his tax burden.

Labor is a big chunk of a municipality's operating expenses. BIG BIG CHUNK and a lot of us know exactly who got that big chunk and these politicians really don't want you to know, even though you have a right to know and should know.


Anonymous said...

BOE says it notified the city of Maple Heights on the 18th that the certified/verified petitions were ready for the city of Maple Heights to pick up; yet, as of the 20th of August, the city did not pick them up (from the BOE)

Anonymous said...

In what may be an unprecedented move, it looks like Maple Heights city hall just gave the finger to Maple Heights residents, the majority of whom are Black.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if the move was unprecedented or not, but the finger was given.

Anonymous said...

I think the legal issue regarding cameras on the west side had to do with the city being sued for too many speed signs (not cameras) in one area. The lawsuit may have influenced the police dept's decision not to put cameras there.

Anonymous said...

What's very clear in this whole fiscal watch mess with residents who actually follow Maple Heights politics, these residents are angry and disappointed with a lot of the resolutions, policies and decisions coming from the occupants of city hall.

Anonymous said...

It is normal for officials to use every dirty trick in the book to try to block public votes on speed and red light cameras. WHY? Because the cameras are almost certain to be voted out and money grab stream of revenue will stop. Cameras have lost 28 of 31 votes so far and often by very wide margins. Once citizens see the true money grab purpose for cameras they almost always vote NO. Residents should call every elected official in Maple Heights to demand the issue be on the ballot. Plan to vote out every official that works to block the vote and elect some honorable officials that respect the will of their constituents.

Also contact your state Senator to urge them to help get House Bill 69 unblocked in the Transportation Committee where Senators that care more about ticket revenue than safety have blocked the bill from going to the Senate floor for a vote where it would likely pass. The bill already passed the House by about a 2 to 1 margin.

ACT if you want to see the money grab cameras gone.

James C. Walker, Life Member - National Motorists Association